What to consider when choosing an air purifier if you have pets

First and foremost, pre-filters are able to take larger particulates away from the air stream before the more precision filtration. These filters can be reused and washed easily, which also include HEPA air filters placed inside a home air purifier.

The main advantage of pre-filter integration in an air purifying system is that even bigger pollutants in the air can be limited from passing on to the more advanced filters in order to expand the durability and effectiveness of high-cost filters aimed at removing what matters only.

Pre-filters are rather inexpensive to produce and rather cheap to include as a part in an air purifier. Thus, the exclusion of them tends to be poor design. Another problem to make sure when you shop for an air purifier is pet odors. A pet air purifier needs to eliminate nasty odors regardless of the size of rooms along with cleaning the air. In order to achieve this, some type of an activated carbon filter should be a component in the filtration process. Activated carbon or charcoal filters will take odors by capturing molecules inside the carbon substrate. Because of the fact that you are looking into the considerations for an air purifier for pets, you should only focus mainly on the inclusion of a carbon filtration step instead of the quality of the carbon media utilized. Air purifiers aimed at working to eliminate smoke will need high-grade and activated carbon media to clean a space more efficiently.

HEPA Air filters, or High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance, filters play an indispensable part in any type of air purification. They work as the finest line of defense inside the filtration task, which can take a way a minimum of 99.97 percent of particulate which would be even as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. An ideal air purifying system will take advantage of HEPA filters or a filtration system operating the same standard to trap and entirely remove 99.97 percent of particles of such small sizes.

The above points are what you should investigate carefully when shopping for an air purifier for pets.

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