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The best lightning cable headphones of 2020

Currently, Apple has combined ports, which may make people forget the headphone jack, looking for the best lighting headphones to work with your new iPhone may be an interesting task.

There are a lot of choices and adapters on the current market for you to pick. Thus, this may be a challenging decision. The Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector come with the best overall experience. Featuring a unique and comfortable earbud fit, great audio quality and seamless Apple compatibility, it is no surprising that the EarPods have been the top choice for many users.

Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector Headphones review

The EarPods with Lightning Connector from Apple may be the most prolific lightning headphones that you can find on the today market and there are so many reasons for that. First and foremost, you are provided with one pair if you buy a new iPhone so that you do not need to go out and have to choose a new pair of headphones. For starters, the EarPods are designed properly with a unique shape that mimics the geometry of the average human ear. These may be the most comfortable lightning headphones as there is no need for the squishy earbud pieces. Moreover, the headphones perform their job very effectively.

However, there is a lack of bass level here. Thus, if you are an audiophile and focus mainly on audio quality, this option may not be designed for you. However, the overall performance found on these headphones are ideal for an average listener. The design is also aimed at reducing sound loss, thus the audio quality is really good. What is more, the Apple EarPods also come an inline micro and remote so that users can take control over the music, make phone calls and work with Siri conveniently while they do not need to take the phone out of their bag. With these headphones, users are also able to listen to music easily. If you are looking for a pair of lightning cable headphones with good quality and attractive design, Apple never makes you upset.

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