The best earbuds to purchase in 2020

It would be rather difficult to look for the best in ear headphones on the current market without sacrificing any sound quality. Some important considerations apart from sound quality and noise cancellation are fit and comfort. If you can not receive an ideal in-canal seals, it is no use because sound quality will be decreased while bass response would be mitigated. Currently on the market, there are a lot of different options that come with ample range, sound stage and ideal bass response.

Shure SE215

For a long time, Shure has been a big player when people mention headphones. The reasons why some people do not opt for the products from this manufacturer may include their high prices. But the case has changed now. Shure has put a step into the lower price segment while making effort to keep their high quality of sound.

When it comes to earphone front options, you can witness from the SE215. This is an entry – level device from the SE line that audiophiles will highly appreciate. The pod-style design and the over-ear cable ergonomics are still kept on this device. Thus, the fit is not a problem Shure also provides a lot of ear tips in order to suit your ears. It means that you can choose from various sizes of foam and silicone.

The SE215 also comes with a feature that you may not find from other affordable options, which is a removable cable. Similar to other models in the SE line, users are able to pop off the earpiece from the cable. In other words, they can use a third-party cable or replace the cable if it is out of order.

Moreover, Shure has also maintained the sound quality that has been widely appreciated on their more expensive products. Users will receive a prominent and detailed treble along with a satisfying bass response. Nevertheless, you should remember that Shure still leaves some room for advancement, which means you need to spend more for more advantages. But this model is still an ideal choice for such a reasonable price.

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