Tailwind is a marketing application designed particularly for Pinterest and Instagram. It is perfect for bloggers, online businesses, and company with online shops, this tool can simply simplify the processes included in social media marketing.

With this, you can get connection to function like content discovery, post scheduling, and conversation tracking. Furthermore, it supports you measure outcome in real-time so you can customize your marketing strategies accordingly as rapidly as possible. Tailwind includes an exciting origin. The company started to use Pinterest in early 2011 as a marketing solution while creating The first version of Tailwind (then named PinLeague) required a basic question: how to identify brides-to-be who are getting Pinterest to plan their weddings? As they researched deeper, they started to experience quick success on Pinterest. Soon, their friends started requiring them for same insights.

A big chance was emerging and Tailwind’s founders which decided to concentrate on designing and launching an successful Pinterest marketing and analytics platform. The app’s users have supported them to understand that ROI from Pinterest isn’t just about what takes place on Pinterest. The company also studied that the biggest rewards come from utilizing insights across marketing channels and organizations.

Tailwind is an intelligent way to schedule on Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind’s browser extension allows you to esimply create several posts from any website with a single click. The Hashtag Finder automatically recommends the best Instagram hashtags for your readers. Additionally, you can enhance your efficiency by using a single tool and workflow to post all your visual marketing content on Pinterest and Instagram. The best section is this application is reasonable even for businesses with limited budget.

By choosing the specific date and time you want to post, you can stay on top of your calendar. Another choice is you can add a queue and hook it up to your pre-set schedule. With this solution, you can manage several Instagram and Pinterest accounts, and collaborate with your colleagues. With Tailwind, you can observe activity and trends. You can see when someone comments on your Instagram post or Pins from your site. In addition, you can monitor main performance indicators (KPIs) by observing your Instagram and Pinterest profiles, #hashtags and more. Moreover, insights from your Instagram and Pinterest analytics support you identify important metrics and tasks you can concentrate on improving.

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