Sendible is known as an elegant software that offers social media management. More generally, it stands for a businesses platform dedicated to monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement which can be equally helpful to small, medium, and large enterprises from all industries. What is especially exciting about the product is that it can also measure ROI from the very similar dashboard you’re using to schedule messages and control social networks.

Sendible provides a forceful and advanced platform that is created to drive development and valuable social media marketing with the assistance of the tools the platform offers. Basing on the package, you can handle up to 360 service and include 20 of your team members. The system is completely integrated with a diversity of social networks, but it also provides open APIs which enables you to access it to as many services as you need. On top of that, Sendible is moderately costed to suit the demands of different users, with a package for personals, startups and developing companies, the similarity as established businesses and corporations.

However, things makes it become so special that Sendible allows you to control social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure ROI right from one, easy-to-use dashboard. It also allows you to prospects and drive leads through your sales funnel with our marketing automation tools and Social CRM. Moreover, Sendible also lets for scheduled or simultaneous posting across several social networks simply from a single interface. This interface also offers in-depth analytics that measure the effectiveness of these posts in engaging your audience. Sendible can manage as many accounts as you have, which makes it the great asset if your business controls several clients and contributors. You can also approve workflows and assign tasks to team members for better task management, and you can carry out all of that in a mater of minutes. Note that the product also includes one of the simplest management interfaces to be discovered on the market, which means that even the least tech-savvy users in your team can manage it without being obliged to follow exhaustive training.

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