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Review of the best air purifier for pets

The decision whether to purchase an air purifier for pets will depend on the pre-filter quality to capture large particulate such as dust and hair, the true HEPA filter class, carbon filter grade and specifications, an analysis of the used motor as well as its efficiency to move air throughout the filter arrangements with different stages.

The machine’s pre-filter can trap large pet dander in an efficient manner prior to moving air via the activated carbon and True HEPA filter array which works effectively to remove smells that your pet may leave and finally filters finer particulate existing in the air.

Austin Air Healthmate Standard

The machine’s pre-filter, activated carbon and zeolite filter as well as HEPA filter have been taken advantage together in only one filter array which can easily be removed and replaced from the bottom of the machine if necessary. The HEPA filter from this device is industrial – grade and rated as H14 according to the European Norm scale, which can remove nearly all particulates measuring in 0.3 micrometers in diameter.

What is more, the build quality is high. Austin makes use of a mechanical filtration process in order to filter the air and the motor to push the air through the machine without causing any strains. Working at the full speed, the machine would generate a rather loud noise. However, considering this powerful performance, the problem is acceptable. It is highly recommended to operate on high power for the first three to four hours after setting up and then set to medium for later operation.

Why you had better purchase an air purifier for pet dander

You may love your pets while you do not know that some factors caused by pet dander, urine or saliva can lead to allergies or asthma problems. There have been a lot of asthma and allergy suffers who have to take their pets away from home because irritation has been a consistent issue for them. But if you truly love your pets and can live far from them, you should look for an air purifier for pets to deal with the risk related to pet allergens.

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