How to change from Android to iPhone

There is an app for you to switch from Android to iPhone, which is Move to iOS. The app was launched since the introduction of iOS 9. This platform can be used on any device with Android from at least 4.0 version. If you are not really good at technology, you can have this app help you in a really easy way.

Before you start

If you are about to use a new iPhone or iPad, you should not go through its setup process until you have downloaded and operate Move to iOS on your Android device. The reason is that Apple has already established an application designed specifically for those who are going to move to shiny new iPhones or iPad. Moving all of your stuff in a manual way is difficult and complicated while the app can help you a lot.

First of all, you should make sure both devices are linked to power and your Android device is connected to Internet, your iOS device has enough storage for the data you would like to transfer. If it does not have enough, the transfer will stop when there is no longer enough space.

You can get started by cleaning your device to remove any old content you do not need before making use of the Move to iOS app. It is highly recommended to turn off mobile data on your Android device as you use this platform. It will work better if your device gives it full attention and there is nothing to interrupt the process. Do not turn off Wi-Fi when the app is working. Otherwise you will have to get started again.

Prepare the device

When you have downloaded Move to iOS, you can switch your iOS/iPadOS device and get through the first setup procedure. As you move to the Apps and Data screen, you then see an option named Move Data From Android. This is what you are looking for. Your iPhone or iPad will make a private Wi-Fi network for it and your Android device.

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