The increase of social media has been nothing short of meteoric. It is popular for personals and businesses to have a presence (social media profile) on more than one social networking site. Be it for personal profiles, business profiles or celebrity profiles, the social media objective is to get more likes and followers.

And, to gain this and to be capable of controlling several social media profiles, there is a developing demand for a one-stop platform or tool. This is where social media management tools such as Hootsuite comes into the picture!

Many people create several social media accounts and later find it too hard to keep their profiles updated on all the sites. Hootsuite is considered really great for controlling numerous social media accounts by logging into a single dashboard.

To know more about this highly common social media management tool, below are Hootsuite’s experiences of using it. There is a detailed review of the functions offered by Hootsuite for effective social media management and weigh the pros against the cons. The objective is to support you make an informed decision about whether Hootsuite is appropriate for your social media management requests. Anyone can start off by signing in for a free account with Hootsuite to discover its different functions. When you have registered for the free Hootsuite account with your preferred mail id and password, you can choose the various social networking sites with which Hootsuite can incorporated to view, schedule and post messages. These sites could involve Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn. It is crucial to note that Hootsuite is connected directly from your web browser and you do not need to set up any software on your system. While adding these several social networking sites, you are required to enter your corresponding social media site login ids and passwords. It is clearly mentioned that you are authorising Hootsuite to achieve access to your data on those specific sites. Plus, it even goes to extreme detailed levels for seeking authorisation. The vital thing to note here is that every Facebook business page or group that you add for integration with the dashboard is counted as a social profile.

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