It can be said that Friends+Me is an easy-to-use successful scheduling and content management solution. The specialty of this app is it allows you to re-post your Google+ shares and posts on other social sites including Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Users have lauded Friends+Me as a perfect application that supports them to develop the social side of their business.

With this app, they are capable of transmitting Google+ into a robust social media management tool. The impression is it enables you to cross post smartly and selectively to all the common social channels. Friends+Me is comparatively simpler to use than lots of other social media management solutions. First of all, you can manage how your post looks in Google+. The scheduling functions run effectively too.

Moreover, you can share to anywhere. You also publish your posts at the perfect time, reach more readers, and enhance your engagement with them. If you don’t want to publish your posts immediately, you can schedule them for later. This function is useful as it permits you to post at the right time for readers in various time zones across the world. Another benefit is you can create, collect, and share compelling content. The company permits you to stay productive from anywhere by offering Android and iOS apps. You can use the browser extensions to store content on the web for future reference. Friends+Me can be employed on desktops with Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. You ought to publish just once, then you can save time by cross-promoting your Google+ posts on other social channels. You can take your time and publish error-free posts at the appropriate time with draft support. Moreover, you can utilize the assistance of your colleagues and friends to prepare and share good content. The link shortening function permits you to observe your posts’ effectiveness. With the bulk schedule function, you can simply schedule the publishing of a range of posts. Friends+Me also provides SEO advantages and enables you to improve your brand visibility on the web and impress more visitors to your website and social media pages. The founder of this app recently published a new redesigned version of the app which is quicker and simpler, and supports all common mobile devices.

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