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The Disney Plus streaming service is the House of Mouse’s effort to take on Netflix, Amazon Prime and any other services. This is where you would visit to stream movies as well as TV shows that are owned by Disney. Until now, the service is about nine months old, with many launches coming to the world. Before you start to use the service, you need to know something about it so that you can choose the right subscription package.

If you are finding a streaming service with different films and TV programs from Marvel, the Star Wars universe, and National Geographic, Disney Plus is the right service for you. The service offers customers the full Skywalker Saga, the Star Wars films and the Mandalorian, which is always expected from viewers. Also, there is a lot of MCU Feature flicks and all episodes of the Simpsons. Recently, the service also introduces the musical Hamilton, a brilliant series. They are all available in 4K HDR without extra cost.

Streaming services’ success are attributed to their new content, and when it is made sure that the Mandalorian season 2 is about to come this October, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been delayed from its August 2020 release date, though. But we know that there are so many difficulties now. When the world of TV and film production gets started again, there will be a lot to wat and get excited in the upcoming time of Disney Plus.

In September, the live-action Mulan will be provided in the service, but you are only able to stream it if you pay 29.99 US dollars.

Mulan on Disney Plus: how it is going to work

If you want to see Mulan on Disney Plus, it is a pity that the film is not included in your subscription. You need to pay an extra cost of 29.99 dollars apart from your subscription. The reason is that it costs so much to make the film. After you pay for it, you can watch Mulan as many times as you want on Disney Plus.

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