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A detailed review for Lenovo Flex 5G

The Lenovo Flex 5g is manufactured specifically for one type of user and its hardware is mainly made to suit some particular needs.

The Flex 5G is a 2-in-1 laptop for those who are looking for a device by which they can approach the Internet quickly without disruption, operate high-productivity platforms for papers and projects and can be transferred quickly into a tablet to take notes, fill in the forms or look through the documents and last but not least, can last a very long time after a single charge.

Lenovo has made effort to release one device with every above goal in mind thanks to an under-powered ARM CPU operating Windows 10 and a Snapdragon X55 5G network connections which uses less power from the standard lithium-ion battery. In other words, its battery life easily doubles that of other competitors.

On the contrary, the Flex can not be as good as laptops operating the newest Intel or AMD processors when it comes to performance, and even defeated by other rivals. It is not able to compete with them because it would not be a high-end desktop replacement or a robust mobile workstation.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx CPUT is capable of dealing with nearly all the business or classroom tasks that you want without causing any problems, which is ideal for lots of users. This is also the reason why Lenovo chose the under-powered ARM processor for this new model of laptop.

However, this will result in some important issues related to app compatibility. The Lenovo Flex 5G may be operating under Windows 10, but it can not run all the Windows 10 applications.

It can help deal with such basic apps as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome and similar ones. Nevertheless, the laptop can not operate more advanced apps of 64 bit and x64 Windows as Adobe Photoshop. In the future, the case may be changed if developers introduce the updated apps for ARM processors. If not, this problem must be a big advantage to the laptop because many people would be frustrated with this.

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