3 Ways To Dull Your Sense Of Taste

Some people have been in situations that forced them to eat or drink something unpleasant. Whether it’s accepting irresistible food or taking very bitter medicine, the unpleasant taste you feel may be unavoidable. However, the sense of taste can be dulled like any other sense. Dulling the taste buds can be accomplished by controlling your breathing or consuming salt.

Changing the Taste

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Close both nostrils. The sense of taste recognizes only five tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and savory (“Umami”). Other flavors come from the nose. If you can contain the aroma of food, you will avoid most of the taste of the food. Close both nostrils when eating or drinking to neutralize most of the taste.

So that the bad taste can be completely avoided, drink a glass of water before opening the nostrils. This is done so that no taste is left in the mouth. Gargle with water to be completely clean.

If you’re in a public place and can’t close your nostrils, exhale before drinking or eating to avoid feeling bad. Make sure you drink or eat small portions to avoid choking.

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Dry your mouth. The sense of taste requires saliva to taste. The taste of a food will vary depending on how the food reacts with the saliva in the mouth. Use a tissue to dry your mouth and tongue; this can dull the sense of taste. However, the mouth will produce saliva again after a while. Therefore, you must eat quickly.

Cotton can also be used to dry the mouth. However, you may need more than one cotton swab.

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If you know exactly when to eat something unpleasant, try not to drink water beforehand. Drink soft drinks or coffee to dehydrate the body. Once this is done, your mouth will be dry when it’s time to eat.

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Drink cold water. Every food has a different taste when cold or hot. Why? However, the ingredients are the same. Generally, cold temperatures can numb the taste buds a bit. Drink a glass of cold water before eating or drinking so that the unpleasant taste is not so pronounced. It would be much better if the food or drink can be cooled in the refrigerator first.

Alternatively (if your teeth are sensitive to cold), you can scald your tongue by drinking something very hot, such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. The heat will desensitize the sense of taste for a while.

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Consumption of beverages containing high alcohol content. Drinks with a high alcohol content (such as whiskey) can cause a numbing sensation in the mouth and nose. Try to immediately eat or drink something unpleasant after consuming high alcoholic beverages.

If you are a minor and are not allowed to consume alcohol, try using a mouthwash that contains alcohol such as Listerine. It can also numb the taste buds a bit and mask unpleasant tastes with a strong mint flavor.

Be Proactive

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Add salt. If possible, add salt to foods that don’t taste good. Once given enough salt, the food will only taste salty. However, don’t add too much salt to make the food even more unpleasant to eat.

In theory, this can be done with all spices (including sugar). However, salt is usually always available. Besides, Adding too much salt will not make others wonder.

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3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Make a peppermint mouthwash. Add a bottle of peppermint extract to a bottle cap (like a coke bottle cap). Put it in your mouth. Gargle for a few moments. Discard the peppermint extract and then rinse your mouth with cold water. The menthol content in peppermint extract will numb the tongue a little for a few minutes.

Spearmint extract can also be used as an alternative because it contains almost the same menthol as peppermint.

If min extract is not available, you can use a strong flavor like almond or chocolate extract. Gargle your mouth with the extract so that the taste of the food you eat tastes better.

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Use a straw. If you are going to drink an unpleasant drink, use a straw so that the unpleasant taste is not felt by the tongue. Point the straw behind the tongue so that the drink goes straight into the throat and does not hit the tongue.

This can also be done when eating bad food. Put the food to the left or right side of the mouth and chew. This is done so that the food is not tasted by the tongue.

Lift your head slightly so that the food or drink can quickly leave your tongue and be swallowed.

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Prepare good food. After eating or drinking something unpleasant, continue to eat or drink something delicious. Eat the bad food quickly, but don’t choke on it. The longer the bad food is in the mouth, the less bad the taste will be.

Avoiding Continuous Bad Taste

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Check with the doctor. If each food starts to taste bad, or your favorite food isn’t appetizing, this may be a symptom of an illness. There are many factors that can cause the sense of taste to become less sensitive, such as drugs or tobacco. If your taste buds are often numb, see a doctor.

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3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Clean the tongue. Good hygiene is important in caring for the sense of taste. However, brushing and flossing between your teeth won’t be enough to get rid of every bad taste bacteria. Tongue cleaners are inexpensive and easy to use in the morning or at night.

Today, many toothbrushes have a tongue cleaner on the back of the brush. Purchase this type of toothbrush for a more economical option.

3 Cara untuk Menumpulkan Indra Pengecap

Expand your taste buds. Most bad tastes in food may be caused by perceptions and situations. Maybe what you ate earlier made something unpleasant, or it could be that the food wasn’t cooked properly. Therefore, do not be afraid to try the food again at another time.

If you avoid certain foods, try ordering them again at a different restaurant. Try to choose a restaurant with good reviews and recommended by friends or netizens. Don’t let one bad experience stop you from trying again.

If a dish tastes inconsistent or mediocre, try to find the recipe and cook it at home. When you cook it yourself, you can change the taste of the dish to suit your taste.

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