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All too often online trainings and educational webinars are used interchangeably. That might not seem like a big deal, but it is. That might not seem like a big deal, but it is. An online training and educational webinars should serve different purposes and audiences.

If you have issues with any of the online courses listed below, please contact the organization affiliated with that particular class. An educational webinar, on the other hand, can help introduce individuals to new concepts on a high level. We then introduce layouts specifically intended to drive engagement.

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An online training for mental health professionals on how to indentify and respond to potential human trafficking victims within a mental health care context. Read More Human Trafficking, National Hotline Materials, Online Trainings.

Are you ready to learn about the drug testing industry? This is a recorded, 90 minute webinar training by one of the best industry experts. Learn what exactly is a Drug Free Workplace. This training is a first step for anyone looking to get into the drug testing business. This course will educate you on: Introduction and History of Workplace Drug Testing 2. Who Regulates Drug Testing? DOT Drug Testing 5. Starting a Drug Testing Business. Employees who may have been utilizing the drug, never tested positive and believe it is a "safe" drug, need to know the consequences of continued use.

With this program, your certification can be obtained from the comfort of your home or office. Our program is the most comprehensive in the industry for initial certification as a DOT collector. Self-Study homework assignments — reading and video clips 2. Live or Webinar Instructional Training — 1. Completion of five mock collections, either live or via webcam, in front of a trainer qualified to monitor mock DOT collections 1. Plan ahead; Children must be supervised while at our centers.

Children may not join you inside the collection area during a drug screen procedure. Place an Order Online Ready to place an order online? Order a Test Online. I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions.

It covers all the bases we just discussed:. Webinars can also be held internally. However you use them, keep in mind that educational webinars should remain broad and informative. The presentation should be a lecture-based and can engage audiences in pre-set ways.

Note that we work with Adobe Connect, so our design instruction is based on the customizability of the rooms and the ability to design them before a session. The virtual environment and hands-on training. An impossible pairing, no?

Not if you incorporate the right design elements and features! Potentially, it can even be better than face-to-face! Virtual classrooms should be designed to engage learners as you might in a physical space. So, what does that entail? Minimally, identifying and using the right features. Chats and polls are pretty much ubiquitous across virtual classroom platforms.

And this makes sense. They are simple features that drive engagement, and they can be used throughout. A chat can serve a few functions. It can either be the discussion board, where learners can throw out questions or comments.

They get people interacting and thinking. They can be used as quizzes, and they help trainers accurately assess knowledge transfer.

Concurrent chats or polls allow your audience to respond to multiple topics or questions in a manageable way. This by necessity increases the duration of their engagement and consideration of the topic. We would recommend using a continuous chat throughout and add polls frequently.

Whiteboards are ideal for the virtual classroom. A solid activity to pair discussions. The above two images are good examples from Adobe Connect. The one at left shows a group working to enhance the proposed text for a web page. The one at right displays a screenshot Adobe Connect took of an active web page. Notes can be immediately added to these screenshots.

All virtual classroom platforms come with a pre-formatted space for you to work with. These three layouts would meet the needs of many online training sessions. You can lead your initial presentation in the Sharing layout, turn the discussion over to participants in the Discussion Layout, and then let them interact with materials in Collaboration. These tailored rooms can always be templatized in Adobe Connect for organization-wide needs.

They are perfect for small-groups to work together! Small group conversations tend to reflect workplace interactions better, as well. In Adobe Connect, breakout rooms can be preloaded with content and formatted before the session begins. Getting a room situated before a session helps reduce the transition time between the main discussion and group split off.

Better conversations are the result! In the above example, learners are tasked with devising a solution for this RFP. A note section and a chat provide space to propose ideas. Once you get into that collaborative phase of your training, you should plan to include breakout rooms.

We want them feeling as if the information taught so they can apply it immediately to their job. At MeetingOne, we like a more interactive approach to webinars. Yes, educational webinars are first and foremost informational, so lecture is a necessity.