Best online payment gateway services in the Middle East – a comparison


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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Summon a new link. For larger corporations, HBL seems to be the best choice.

The MDR is lower as well as the annual fee, and has a respectable corporation like Agha Khan as its client. For payment gateway providers, it is going to be a long way to generate real volume and share a substantial percentage of online transactions as it requires a behavioural change to migrate customers from cash on delivery mechanism to pay online. If you are you using any of these platforms to accept payment online, tell us about your experience in comments section below.

This is very informative article. It would have been great if MDRs of all four banks were also mentioned. Do other banks charge transaction fee other than MDR??? As per our information, only MCB charges Rs. They accept International client as their customer? Like customer from other country for accepting payment from PK. I want to use an credit card option in wordpress, so any recommendation for best extension for this?

I left a productive comment on this crapy article but you deleted it. How do you plan to develop credibility for this blog if you put up lies to build public consent? Should i report your blog on pro-pakistani? Please need reply urgently…. I applied for hbl payment gateway in Nov Completed all documents in 2 days. Got response from them in January for integration. I stated integration all by myself. Anyhow I completed the integration all by myself. They asked me to perform test transactions which I did and in March 20, , they told me that my account is almost ready all i have to do is perform live test transactions.

I performed test transactions and after waiting for many days i got email reply from HBL that my application for payment gateway has been declined by their Risk department. I waited for frustrating 5 months just to hear that my application is rejected. HBL is one of the most pathetic lazy bank in Pakistan. Imagine the pain and financial loss that I have got during last 5 months just to hear that my application is rejected.

They took 5 months to reject my application. Now I am applying to MCB , lets see how things turn out. Will update everyone about that.