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That started an argument, which seemed to have no end because no one was certain what exactly had started the whole commotion. And so we missed out on the evolution of the table, which we should have had set up in the midst of everything, in order to finally become sedentary, to actually come from the ground on which we ate. The city in which I lived the longest and which has the greatest effect on me was Munich. In a confident, reunited Germany no one turns to their history with psychotherapeutic intent.

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So I recently went to visit. My father led me into the kitchen. I took the knife in my hand. It was of medium length.

The sharp blade shined in the light. Its stab could have been deadly. What was that all about? You should take it back tomorrow. They will certainly exchange it for you. I was raining on his parade, but a complaint had to be filed. The warranty for such complaints was only seven workdays, after all.

For my father, the evening was ruined. No one takes it so literally anymore. That started an argument, which seemed to have no end because no one was certain what exactly had started the whole commotion.

I really think we are a well-integrated family. Out of the game that my parents once so loved to play, has come bitter seriousness. It seems to me that it is the unwritten law of life that every game someday results in only seriousness.

Particularly when they are spoken by people whom I think I know well. From their mouths these words sound somehow phony. At least in my ears.

Maybe I have a hearing disability. Cold milk and Milka chocolate are rationed. There are rumors that it is not as white as it was ten years ago. I can understand these fears. The cold milk does not even taste like it did thirty-three years ago. At any rate, the taste in my memory is not identical to the taste today, but then again perhaps it is not identical to the taste from then either.

I thought at first that this alteration in taste had to do with leaving Munich and going to Berlin. But every time I visited Munich, and I went regularly, I assessed the cold milk and determined that in the interim it too had taken on the bland flavor as in Berlin, different than the milk in my memory.

That the milk is not what it once was must be due to my own sense of taste. In Germany these are important: Stammbaum, the family tree: So it happened that I delved into my own roots, without stumbling across a tree or even a table. There were merely loose leaves that could no longer be associated with any tree, crossbreeds that the wind had willfully designed with individual, sometimes unidentifiable patterns.

Where did our tribal ancestors eat, where did they write, where did they change the world? After extensive research, I stumbled upon a surprisingly easy solution to this complicated question: Our tribal ancestors ate the leaves from the ground and crossed them with the leaves from other family trees. And so we missed out on the evolution of the table, which we should have had set up in the midst of everything, in order to finally become sedentary, to actually come from the ground on which we ate.

During my research, I also got the feeling that my ancestors tended to lose the most basic essentials, namely, the ground. However, they tended to find their way to the other tribes, which were all in possession of their own fully-grown family trees and only wished for a few fresh leaves, for which they printed separate documents.

But were our leaves fresh enough? Or maybe they had been on the road for too long to flourish somewhere else on a foreign tree? This is how far back he went. What keeps me grounded? I created a collection of loose leaves. I turned over many colors, sometimes in the light, sometimes in the dark; I said little, wrote little, only my name if I had to. I did not have much more. Then someone came, who was just traveling through, and took everything.

Was it a stranger? Was it my brother? I stood with him on the edge of the path for a while. A third person could barely recognize if he had come or I; if he were leaving or I. We did not trade addresses in the end.

He did not have one and mine was known to him. They are curious, wanting to know where I come from. Which road I have walked barely interests anyone. Everyone is obliged to take the shortest path home. Detours are cause for suspicion. On the roadways one is unidentifiable. Is this a harmless traveler with a sure destination, or a highwayman?

Does he have a passport, a visa, the right skin color, a suitable face? Detours are to be avoided at any cost; where they cannot be avoided, they are to be shortened. Only one specific point at the end of the road creates safety. You are not comfortable or protected there, but you are safe.

You can get your bearings in such a place, orient yourself. Since I became a foreigner, I have faith again. The foreigner always has his god with him. Do not ask me how you become that, a foreigner. It must have happened in a moment of aloofness. I knew it in an instant. No incubation time, no preparation, no test, nothing, nothing at all. You are addressed on the street and you know it. That alone is not enough, still you start to believe it anyway. At home faith becomes superfluous at some point.

One knows every nook and cranny and cannot even imagine anything buried there anymore. In the twilight of a dubious place where faith once was, now enters glaring certainty. There is hardly any reason for you to live out your faith.

You read the letters you are able to read, put them together into words that you know, and believe to understand all the languages in the world with them. A foreigner does not even understand his own language anymore. He has only his faith. We jump from one point to another and barely know anymore where the border runs. We arrive at abandoned border stations. We cannot locate them on any map.

The former border runs right through us. He who looks inside himself, comes upon an invisible wall. Soldiers chew on their now useless machine gun bullets. They do not look dangerous anymore, but can they be trusted?

We have to overcome ourselves, to cross the border. It is possible, but only on secret paths. Back then our people were in search of a place to sleep. It took six centuries riding on the backs of animals.

The animals and our people were exhausted, one exhausted entity. We had long since collapsed by the time the automobile was invented; we were no longer able to continue on by foot. We settled in the place where we had collapsed and called it Heimat. The whole world imitated our way of building tents. They learned the custom of sleeping on woven wool by watching us.

We have nothing against people mimicking us. We just do not like the fact that strangers travel through our country and know our ways better than we do ourselves. We just want to take a breather. For the next six centuries. After that we will show the world that we can also drive cars, without depleting ourselves in the process. We are, after all, mortal beings like you, and even if it is sometimes hard to believe, we also fear death.

Maybe we understand how to transform death into a long sleep, which strengthens our body and spirit. After awakening, every one of us drinks several jars of horse milk and goes to work. We set our Heimat up that way, so we are able to move on at any time. Because we can lose our land and life at any time, we do not build permanent houses.

We are used to always living on some border or another. When there are divided opinions among us, it is about boundary lines. Some of us simply do not understand animals. They concern themselves with thoughts. Most of them are very fat, because their work is not labor. During the times when we are moving around, their numbers decrease. When we are settled they become overconfident. They invent magic spells, with which they mean to rule over the others.

They go head to head with our sorcerers. We imagine life to be like a big circle. One comes into the world. That is similar to the dawning of the day. One becomes old and falls asleep. That is like the night. Only a few can remember what they experienced during the night. The long sleep rejuvenates. When he wakes up, he comes back into the world.

We need neither thinkers nor sorcerers in order to know how everything runs. The animals we ride are enough for us. Inside there were fire-red toy cars and model trains with silver locomotives for sale. Everything for unaffordable prices. European products were always more expensive than domestic ones. That is how one could be sure that they were also better. A couple of years later the aging building with the toy store inside was torn down.

This is how my parents announced their move to Germany. I was eight years old and began to slowly realize that Europe was something other than a torn-down toy store, for which I mourned even though I could not buy anything there.

Europe always had something to do with cars. Owners of European cars, like my father, were proud of their possessions. Auf unserer Facebookseite erfahren Sie zusätzlich ständig Neuigkeiten zu aktuellen Projekten: Wir gratulieren unserem Mitarbeiter Bmstr. Armin Saurer sehr herzlich zur erfolgreich abgelegten Prüfung zum zertifizierten Passivhaus-Planer! Zertifizierte Passivhaus-Planer haben das nötige Fachwissen zum Thema Passivhaus durch ablegen einer Prüfung nachgewiesen.

Durch die Zertifizierung wird sichergestellt, dass die hohen Qualitätsanforderungen des Passivhaus-Standards erreicht werden.

Ein Haus von uns erreichte klimaaktiv Gold Standard und erhielt somit die höchste Auszeichnung für energieeffiziente Gebäude! Mit einer klimaaktiv Gebäudeplakette des Bundesministeriums werden all jene Gebäude ausgezeichnet, die neben Energieeffizienz auch eine hohe Qualität in den Bereichen Planung und Ausführung, Baustoffe und Konstruktion sowie Komfort und Raumluftqualität aufweisen. Der klimaaktiv Gebäudestandard ist das österreichweite Qualitätszeichen des Umweltministeriums für nachhaltige Gebäude mit besonderem Fokus auf Klimaschutz und Energieeffizienz.

Damit werden energieeffizientes, ökologisches und behagliches Wohnen und Arbeiten garantiert. Auch Heuer konnten sich zahlreiche Besucher wichtige Hausbautipps und Informationen rund um die energieeffiziente Bauweise holen. Im Esterhazyweingut in Trausdorf in ungezwungener Atmosphäre rundete eine kleine Weinverkostung den gelungenen Abend ab.

Anspruchsvolle Architektur, energieeffiziente Gesamtlösungen und ökologische massive Bauweise wurden den interessierten Besuchern näher erläutert. Unseren langjährigen treuen Mitarbeiter Ferenc müssen wir "schweren Herzens" in Pension schicken.

Wir wünschen ihm für seinen neuen Lebensabschnitt alles Gute! Vielen Dank für 25 Jahre Firmentreue! Im Rahmen der Klimaaktiv Gebäudeauszeichnungen in Klosterneuburg erhielten wir von Umweltminister Andrä Rupprechter die Urkunde für unser eben erst fertig gestelltes Klimaaktivhaus der Familie Kummerer.

Diese Qualitätskriterien nehmen bereits jetzt auf zentraler und absehbare Entwicklungen für Bauwerke der Zukunft rücksicht und sichern den Werterhalt und die Wirtschaftlichkeit Ihres Gebäudes in vielfacher Hinsicht. Anlässlich des zehnjährigen Jubiläums der klimaaktiv Initiative wurden bei einem Festakt in der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek verdiente Partner vom neuen Chef des Ministeriums für ein lebenswertes Österreich geehrt!

Umweltminister Andrä Rupprechter zeichnete uns im feierlichen Rahmen für unsere Verdienste und Kompetenz im Klimaschutz aus. Nach einer intensiven Planungsphase inkl. Oktober der Startschuss zum Bau eines Klima: Mit diesem Haus erfüllen wir die Klima: Was wiederum bedeutet, dass dieses Haus nach modernsten ökologischen und nachhaltigen Kriterien hergestellt wird und eines der modernsten und energieeffizientesten Häuser Österreichs wird! Zusätzlich wird mit einer 5kWp Photovoltaikanlage die Jahresbilanz des Hauses selbst erzeugt.

Dieses Haus wird bereits in der Klima: Da Familie Kummerer in Salzburg wohnhaft ist, und die Baustellenbesuche sich nur bedingt ermöglichen lassen, werden sie mit einer umfangreichen Fotodokumentation während der Bauphase versorgt. Nützen auch sie die Möglichkeit, den Bau zu begleiten:. Am nächsten Tag ging es gut gestärkt wieder hinunter ins Tal. Bei der Baufamilie Babonics wurde auf der Baustelle eine kleine Gleichenfeier abgehalten!

Auch der "Juniorchef" des Hauses war anwesend und kontrollierte den Baufortschritt. Wir bedanken uns, dass wir die nette Familie bei der Verwirklichung Ihres Traumhauses von der 1. Skizze an betreuen durften und wünschen, dass Ihnen das neue Zuhause all jenes bedeutet. Im tollen Ambiente des neu erbauten Gebäudes informierten wir die zahlreichen Besucher über energieeffizientes Planen und Bauen sowie moderne Bautrends.

Der Abend gestaltete sich sehr gemütlich, und wir freuen uns, wenn sich der eine oder andere Interessent für uns als Baupartner entscheidet! Ein Teil unseres Büroteams packte sich zusammen und besuchte bei milden Temperaturen und schönem Wetter den Nachtslalom der Damen in der Flachau. Wir verfolgten hautnah, mit wieviel Ehrgeiz und Ausdauer die Athelten zu Werke gehen, um am Ende ganz oben zu stehen! Wir freuen uns schon auf unsere kommenden Aufgaben, um mit dem gleichen Engagement für unsere Kunden da zu sein!

Bei der diesjährigen Jahresabschlussfeier wurde unser Team mit neuen modernen Softshell Jacken eingekleidet. Weiters nutzten wir den feierlichen Rahmen um unseren langjährigen Mitarbeiter Alfred Schlaffer nach 40 Jahren Betriebszugehörigkeit in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand zu verabschieden!

Fredl, wie er genannt wird, wird immer ein Teil unserer Baderbaufamilie bleiben und wir freuen uns auf jeden Besuch von Ihm: September wurde das Betriebsgebäude für den Biohof Schmit in Zagersdorf feierlich eröffnet. Die vielen Besucher würdigten die ökologische Verantwortung sowie die biologische Produktionsweise. Das Gebäude ist sowohl architektonisch wie auch baubiologisch bemerkenswert.

Die Errichtung erfolgte unter Rücksicht auf ökologische Baumaterialien und wurde in Rekordbauzeit von nur vier Monaten durchgeführt. Wir freuen uns und sind Stolz unseren Teil zum Gelingen dieses Bauwerkes beigetragen zu haben und wünschen Familie Schmit alles Gute viel Erfolg und ebensoviel Freude mit und im neuen Biohof!

Natürlich haben wir auch die unterschiedlichsten Produkte von Familie Schmit getestet und für hervorragend befunden. Reportage im Bezirksblatt pdf. Im Anschluss an die Übergabe des Bauhofes, erfolgte der Spatenstich für die 2.

Wohnanlage mit 5 Wohnungen in der Wiesengasse in Horitschon. Da wir schon die erste Anlage zur vollsten Zufriedenheit der OSG und der Gemeinde Horitschon übergeben haben, wurden wir auch mit dem 2.

Es werden in den nächsten 12 Monaten weitere 3 alten- und behindertengerechte Wohnungen sowie 2 Wohnungen mit ca. Bürgermeister Heger betonte ebenfalls die ausgesprochen gute Zusammenarbeit aber auch die hohe Flexibilität der Bauleitung. Trotz des langen Winters und einiger wetterbedingter Unterbrechungen konnte der Bauhof in Rekordzeit fertig gestellt werden.

Auch die stets zusammengeräumte Baustelle war ebenso wie die Einhaltung der Baukosten eine Besonderheit bei der Errichtung. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I understand 5 words to roughly mean to use: Andrei Khramtsov Andrei Khramtsov 1, 4 13 Actually, this is a tricky question.

Each word can be defined more or less precise as: To use something abstract or concrete object in order to achieve something. Wir sollten das Angebot nutzen. Though technically possible, in some contexts it may sound odd to use verwenden instead of benutzen: Benutz[ Verwende ] deinen Verstand. You say gebrauchen when something appears useful. None is preferred, it depends on the exact meaning.

Den Hammer kann man gut gebrauchen. The hammer can be put to good use. Dazu nimmt man am Besten Just an addition to divby0's answer: Consequently, some of the words are interchangeable in some of the use cases: I use a 3 pencil to draw.

Ich nutze eine 3-Bleistift zum Zeichnen. Ich benutze eine 3-Bleistift zum Zeichnen. Ich verwende eine 3-Bleistift zum Zeichnen. I apply this method to solve the problem. Ich gebrauche diese Methode, um das Problem zu lösen. Ich nutze diese Methode, um das Problem zu lösen.