What Are Different Types Of Savings Account In SBI?


Available in four variants, namely Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum categorised on the rank of the personnel of Army, Navy, Air Force, Assam Rifles, RR and GREF (Border Road Organisation). PBORs are categorised in the Silver Variant; Officers are categorised under Gold, Diamond and Platinum .

Zum ersten Mal beginnen viele, sich mit Edelmetallen, Münzen und Barren zu beschäftigen. So, depending on the type of account in SBI the tax liability would arise. Persons like business analysts, finance managers, technical experts, business intelligence officers, and all such persons who are daily aware of stock trends are using them as their basic and primary resources.


Under the scheme, SBI offers salary accounts in four variants - silver, gold, diamond and platinum - depending on the gross monthly income of employees, SBI said.

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