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There's a reason the charges are money laundering rather than pimping, pandering or prostitution. While we wouldn't have closed this while RedBook was running, since it's closed we would prefer to promote our site over a new one.

Any Good site besides backpage?

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Really stupid and such a pain to have to wait. The owner of this site has destroyed it before it even really got off the ground. What a loss All the reviews and feedback are gone. But if money laundering did actually happen, then there is no turning back. I think the power elite hate any offense related to money much more so than escorting. They will hunt you down and crush you for it. They both doing the same exact thing. If they can it's legal, if they can't, it is illegal.

I wonder if they will shut down sites like Eros-guide, backpage, date-check, myproviderguide, etc. MRB was the number one site I used, before I would see a girl from there, I would read her reviews to see if she was real and not someone that would do me dirty. Hopefully the ones from Oakland. Reading it, I think the money laundering was also a big factor.

Backpage will swell up for a while and we should start seeing an influx of Bay Area SWs down here until the next board is up. All times are GMT The time now is IN todays political climate, any Hetro sex where the man enjoys it is forbidden.

How can two drunk kids at college have consensual sex, but later the guy is punished but not the girl. And is tried in a college Kanagroo court without representation and is assumed guilty. There's a reason the charges are money laundering rather than pimping, pandering or prostitution. There are many laws protecting a website operator from what others post on their website, including section of the Communications Decency Act.

It would appear that the charges are based on the likelihood that those advertising on Redbook do not pay taxes. Redbook would have be to idiots not to pay taxes on their membership dues, since they're all processed by credit card. As such, there needs to be a way to tie the girls to the website, other than the simple fact that they're posting.

I would think any link would be tenuous, but we'll see. Smells like feds using the power and money of the government to shut down a site they don't like regardless of the legality. It's pretty apparent to me that we've become a banana republic where certain laws are not being enforced due to politics or the will of those in power, and at other times crimes are just being made up. The end of freedom is here. Something is wrong with this country. The Johnson Redbook Index measures the growth in the U.

The index is based on the sales data of around 9, large general merchandise retailers representing over 80 percent of the equivalent 'official' retail sales series collected and published by the US Department of Commerce. This page provides the latest reported value for - United States Redbook Index - plus previous releases, historical high and low, short-term forecast and long-term prediction, economic calendar, survey consensus and news.

United States Redbook Index - actual data, historical chart and calendar of releases - was last updated on January of US Jobless Rate Rises to 3. US Retail Sales Rise 0. Italy Inflation Rate at 7-Month Low of 1.

Portugal Inflation Rate Lowest in 8 Months. Shield - Indian Head or Buffalo - Jefferson to Date. Flowing Hair - Capped Bust - Liberty Seated - Barber or Liberty Head - Winged Liberty Head or Mercury - Roosevelt to Date.

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