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The defining difference between the two were their attitudes, while Ghina was highly aggressive, Mina was more calm and empathetic than her brother. In addition to their appearance, they also shared the desire for Orb to rule the Earth Sphere. While Ghina was both tyrannical and aggressive, Mina was benevolent and democratic. To achieve that goal, Ghina initiated Morgenroete's collaboration with the Earth Alliance in building the G Project mobile suits on Heliopolis.

He uploaded a prototype Natural-use operating system into the Red Frame and data on multiple hardware upgrades into the Blue Frame, then escaped the colony using the Gold Frame and a heavy bazooka Morgonroete had designed for the GAT-X Duel. However, his intent to recover the other two Astrays was inadvertently thwarted by a Junk Guild team and the Serpent Tail mercenaries, who took possession of the Red Frame and the Blue Frame.

Later, shortly after the death of their father Koto Sahaku left Ghina as the head of the family, the Sahakus acquired several powerful Earth Alliance mobile suits, piloted by Socius series Combat Coordinators, through secret arrangements with Blue Cosmos leader Muruta Azrael who most likely was unaware of the Sahakus being Coordinators , and also carried out covert missions on behalf of Azrael. The first two battles proved inconclusive, but the third cost Ghina his life at Gai's hands. With the death of her brother, Mina's ambitions waned and she was content to simply defend the Ame-no-Mihashira and protect the refugees from terrestrial Orb who had gathered there after its fall.

After the war's end, Mina dispersed the forces under her command to await the restoration of the Orb Union. Approximately ten of these mobile suits were piloted by Socius clones. The character roles however are switched. Neurobiology of Disease 0.

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