Änderung des Regelbuchs über die Einkommensteuer


The same applies to Letters of Request and social enquiry reports, except for fees paid to experts and interpreters. Where the applicant for legal aid does not reside in a Contracting State, he may submit his application through consular channels, without prejudice to any other means open to him of submitting his application to the competent authority in the requested State. Oktober über den internationalen Zugang zur Rechtspflege Inkrafttreten: The application shall be in the form of the model annexed to this Convention and shall be accompanied by any necessary documents, without prejudice to the right of the requested State to require further information or documents in appropriate cases. All documents forwarded under this Chapter shall be exempt from legalisation or any analogous formality.

Änderungen im Bereich der Steuern, Juli 2016

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