Top 10 verwunschenen Orten in Indien


Dwarkadheesh Temple in Gujarat is the holiest Hindu temples. The presiding deity is a Svayambhu Linga which was recovered from the river in mid 17th century by Kashiswar Datta Chowdhury , a local zamindar. Bhagwan Das reigned during this time.

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People tend to avoid the area, but today is definitely a must for those who want to visit supernatural. Brij Raj Bhavan years old. This palace is in Kota Rajasthan.

It is converted today a Heritage Hotel. It is said to have the spirit of the British main Burton and his son. They were brutally killed in the palace itself during the riots of. It is believed that they still haunt the palace. Delhi Cantt is considered the most haunted place in New Delhi. The place is very fascinating with lush green trees and bushes.

But people say, a lady in white sari asking for a lift to have seen. If you do not stop chasing the car and even rotates at the same rate as your car. The story says that she was but a hitchhiker raped and murdered by a guide.

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad attracts many tourists. It reflects not only the film industry, but is supernatural activity also for his thoughts known. The people say that the film city is built on the grounds of the Nizam sultans war. According to witnesses, the various ghosts and paranormal activity sighting events.

This place is situated in Cannaught place. This Baoli was built on the orders of Maharaja Agrasen. On the left side of the water tank and over stages lead up. Built in the 14th century, although the source has dried up, but it only adds more to follow. If you go deeper sounds completely shut down and all you hear is the echo of your own steps.

But haunted what marks this place as is the story that we heard from the locals. Top 10 Wilde Tiere von Indien. Indien ist die Heimat vieler Tierarten. Dicht, dunklen Wald von Indien sind die besten Lebensräume für Riesenschlangen. Es sind Arten von Schlangen in Indien, von denen Top 10 Schöne Strände in Indien.

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Top Ten Bollywood actresses of Entertainment 86 Comments. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Derrick Litt January 19, at 9: Gary January 27, at 1: Disney17 April 26, at 9: Rajan April 30, at 9: Riya January 2, at Shruti March 17, at 6: Bahijja Umar January 30, at 1: Suraj Kumar March 27, at Sadekur Rahaman February 17, at 2: All Top Tens January 31, at 5: Zaib Abbasi February 1, at 5: Kaavya February 15, at 7: Roozi Mehar February 16, at 2: All Top Tens February 16, at 9: Roozi Mehar February 17, at Maya August 16, at All Top Tens February 18, at 1: Roozi Mehar February 19, at Hedayath Ullahbugti February 23, at 9: Snehil February 28, at 8: Aditya thakur March 17, at The 12 Jyotirlinga temples as mentioned in the Shiva Purana are as listed below.

In South India, five temples of Shiva are held to be particularly important, as being manifestations of him in the five elemental substances. The Sivalingas at these temples are made from a single Sivalinga. As per the legend, this Sivalinga was owned by the demon king Tarakasura.

No one could win over him due to the power of this Sivalinga. The five pieces of Sivalinga fell at five different places on earth namely,. The presiding deity is a Svayambhu Linga which was recovered from the river in mid 17th century by Kashiswar Datta Chowdhury , a local zamindar. Local believe that it happened because of a divine wish. In 18th century a stone made yoni -like structure that symbolizes goddess Shakti has been attached with the Linga after Bargi attacked in AD.

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