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The current item, which downloads historical data for the three ISE Sentiment indexes, creates the following ticker symbols: ^ISEE_ALL, ^ISEE_EQUITIES, ^ISEE_INDICES_ETFS. The data starts in April for the first ISEE index (All securities).

The problem with this method of calculation is that it does not take account of whether the call options or put options were bought or sold. Before deciding to invest in financial instruments or foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Explore over 4, video courses. If you choose to become a Study.

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The ISEE sentiment indicator is a measure of investor sentiment by looking at the number of opening long call options to opening long put options.

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If too many people were buying puts over calls, then the stock may be oversold and poised for a bounce. It ignores currently open positions to find the current sentiment in real time. The ISEE also filters out institutional positions so the data does not become skewed by them hedging positions instead of taking advantage of potential market moves.

Remember, an institution buying puts may not be bearish as they may want to protect a major long position or may even sell calls to reduce cost basis. The majority of dumb money , which includes small investors, traders, and people we know of as the herd, are usually wrong at timing major turning points. We can use the ISEE to determine when the bullish or bearish dumb money sentiment has become so great that the market may be at a turning point. If the ISEE closes at an extreme level, it usually marks a reversal point in the market.

Remember, the reversal may not be immediate, the move usually occurs shortly after the extreme unless prevented by Fed actions, major news effecting the market, or acts of terrorism. The low level sentiment reading is a close below