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In recent years, there have been times when the BoC has lowered the overnight rate, but the banks have not passed on the full discount to their customers. Prime vs Overnight Rate From - Today. There are two main types of mortgage rates in Canada — fixed and variable. When you get a fixed mortgage rate, you agree to pay the same rate over the entire course of your mortgage term regardless of what happens in the outside market.

When you get a variable mortgage rate, the rate will be expressed as the prime rate plus or minus a certain percentage. When the prime rate goes up or down, your mortgage rate will go up or down by the same amount.

Variable mortgages usually come with a lower rate vs. Many lenders will allow you to convert a variable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage at any time, but you will have to pay the fixed rate as of the time you decide to switch. If the prime rate is 3. The prime rate can rise and fall over time, and variable-rate loans will rise and fall with it.

To continue this example, if the prime rate were to increase by 0. This chart shows the prime rate over time, starting in