1308 - Listed Index Fund TOPIX


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The Company is one of the leading online securities broker in Japan focused on providing competitive services and the superior quality of trading platform for retail investors. The Company mainly targets actively trading customers who are experienced and informed investors who value competitive pricing, convenience of trading platform and reliability of IT system over investment advice. Therefore the Company focuses on its resources in online-base brokerage businesses and believes this focus enhances its core competence by delivering unique and innovative services and products to target customers and its profitability by maintaining operational efficiencies.

In May , the Company began its online brokerage services before many of its principal competitors and prior to the October deregulation of retail brokerage commissions in Japan. Since then, the Company has transformed itself from a small-scale conventional securities broker into a leading provider of online brokerage services. Recognizing early the potential of the Internet, the Company started offering full-fledged online brokerage services in , being the first provider of this service in Japan.

No more than 0. The investment management fee is daily recorded and paid out of the trust assets at the end of each calculation period or at the time of termination of the Trust. When above is 0. Auditing fees, brokerage commissions on securities in the portfolio, interest on advances, fees related to the listing of the fund, trademark usage fees for "TOPIX", lending fee in case security lending is conducted, the amount obtained by multiplying a lending fee on securities lent by a figure which is a profit for Trust Assets, not exceeding 0.

The total amount of expenses of the Fund to be borne by investors varies according to holding length and investment status, and thus cannot be shown. The index is a measure of the changes in aggregate market value of the stocks, using the closing total on 4 January as the base of the Index, with a starting value of The aggregate market value is adjusted so that it will not be affected by changes in the aggregate market value due to factors other than market conditions such as paid-in capital increases, new listings or delistings, to ensure continuity of the index.

Japan Exchange Group publishes summaries and lists of the ETFs, as well as other valuable information on their website. The Tokyo Stock Exchange does not bear any obligation to give an explanation of this Fund or an advice on investments in this Fund to any purchaser of this Fund or to the public.

Including but not limited to the foregoing, the Tokyo Stock Exchange shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the issue and sale of this Fund. A unit stock is a unit in a stock basket that an investor applying for an acquisition through addition contributes to. A unit stock is also a unit in a stock basket that an investor who applies for an exchange receives in trade for a beneficial interest.

This Fund can be applied for as a direct addition and exchange at Authorised Participants in addition to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In this case, "unit stock" is referred to as a unit. When applying as a direct addition and exchange, please keep in mind that we cannot accept your application on the following dates:. Confirm non-tradable days by referring to trading calendar on our official homepage. Basket for creation is continually-updated on our official homepage. Please note that transactions cannot be processed for days on which applications are not accepted.

Investors are not guaranteed the investment principal that they commit. Investors may incur a loss and the value of their investment principal may fall below par as the result of a decline in market price or NAV. All profits and losses arising from investments in the Fund belong to the investors beneficiaries. This fund is different from saving deposit. The Fund invests primarily in stocks. The NAV of the Fund may fall and investors may suffer a loss due to a decline in stock prices or deterioration in the financial conditions and business performance of an equity issuer.

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