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The build-up around the bones from the strontium might not allow the machine used to do the bone density exam to take a correct reading and as a result your numbers might not be accurate.

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I usually run low 's over low 60's I stopped it waited until I was my normal pressure again I have read many Osteoporosis stories where there are no side effects. Listen to your body I've been taking it for over 6 months with no side effects. I take it in the middle of the night, when I get up to go to the bathroom. Dear Chris53, I have been on it for about 8 months now, and I too have great fingernails.

Hope it helps my bones out too. Will have another test this summer sometime. I was getting bone pains with alendronic acid so stopped that after 10 weeks, and started Dr's Best BM straight away. I'm still getting bone pains but I assume this is due to alendronic acid still in my system.

It's too early yet to notice any improvement in my nails. Like Spunkyblondie I also take mine during the night. I am going on tmy third week taking Doctor Best SC with no side affects. Noticed no more knee pain.

I am waiting for all of my blood tests to be evaluated by my NP before she will recommend Dr. Best's or what she feels is best.

Not to panic or think you have to go on BP's medicine. Thanks to all who have replied. Please keep us informed of your progress. Does anyone take a statin for cholesterol or Zantac to decrease stomach acid along with the Strontium citrate?

I only take the Zantac at night. My July, , DXA scan showed increased bone mineral density. I have not had any negative side effects except some constipation until I increased my fiber intake. My scan results are posted at: I take 40 mg simvastatin at 9: I know the exact times because I have alarms set. So far, no immediate side effects I'm aware of. However, I noted the high blood pressure report, so I'm going to watch that.

I take a statin Zocor generic at night with one of the Strontium Citrate. I have not had stomach upset, etc. I do any calcium foods in the AM, as the Strontium does not absorb well if you take it with calcium at the same time.

I believe there is a hour span you observe between calcium and Strontium. I am almost positive the same applies with antacids and products like Zantac. Have you looked at Doctor's Best website to research that? Hi Chris I had a bleeding gut ulcer some years ago associated with H. That got treated and healed, but if I got stressed out, I would start to get indigestion and take zantac, usually in the morning.

I have been stressed quite a lot the last 5 months, what with breaking my wrists, being diagnosed with osteo. It seems to neutralise the stomach acid quite affectively.

I take the strontium citrate during the night when I go to the loo. Like ShariaJ I don't think you are supposed to take anything with it. Hello Lyn, I see you stopped taking alendronic acid, because the pain.

I took alendronic acid for 7 months last year, and I quited taking it because the pain, a lot of pain that I still have, and it is already a year ago and I am still taking prescription med for that pain.

I read that stays in your system for ten years. Please let me know if that pain is going away and how long do I have to wait, my physical activity had been very damaged after that and I can not carry or lift more than 15 pounds, I quit my yoga because the pain and also not doing resistance exercise any more. Please let me know, my regards.

Four months on Dr. Best Strontium, no problems, I take it before bed at least 3 hours after any calcium. I take Ultra Bone-Up for calcium with meals 6 a day plus the strontium. No more drugs for me!!!! Hi Mamatona I was on alendronic acid for only 10 weeks. I stopped taking it 8 weeks a ago and started the strontium citrate a few days later. My pain is probably not as bad as yours. I am managing without taking painkiller. I cannot really understand it, it feels as though it is actually in the long bones of my arms and legs, but not constantly and it moves about, almost in waves.

It's also in my wrists, hands, ankles and feet. None of these are swollen or inflammed. After a varied school career which took him to numerous boarding schools, he worked his way up the ladder as a stockbroker in London before leaving the city to return to Germany in order to devote himself to writing..

He has written scripts, horror stories and scenarios for graphic novels under a pseudonym.. Da er in seinem früheren Job als Börsenmakler ausreichend Geld verdient hat, um nicht mehr arbeiten zu müssen, gibt es auch nichts, was diese Leere füllen könnte..

Having previously earned good money as a stockbroker , he no longer needed to work; there was nothing left in his life to fill the emptiness..

Madge Bellamy got married with stockbroker Logan Metcalf in but the marriage lasted only three days.. When she refused to play in the special for her purchased movie " The Trial of Mary Dugan ", this led to the breaking-off with Fox Pictures.. Doch auch wenn ich morgen nicht mehr als Bäcker, Lagerist oder Börsenmakler arbeite, eines, was ich morgen und auch übermorgen noch bin, steht heute schon fest: Yet even if tomorrow I no longer work as a baker, shopkeeper or stockbroker , one thing that I will also be tomorrow and the day after that is certain: Doch auch der bislang vollkommen unbekannte Name des Autors und dessen kuriose Biografie geben Anlass für leise Zweifel:.

John Henry Eagle, so wird behauptet, sei als Sohn eines in der Lüneburger Heide stationierten britischen Offiziers und einer deutschen Mutter geboren, habe in London als Börsenmakler gearbeitet, unter Pseudonym Drehbücher geschrieben und nun endlich erstmals unter seinem eigenen Namen einen Roman veröffentlicht:.

But the hitherto completely unknown name of this author and his curious biography also suggest some reasons for suspicion:. John Henry Eagle was born, it is claimed, in — the son of a British officer stationed in Lüneburg Heath and a German mother. He worked as a stockbroker in London and wrote scripts under a pseudonym before finally publishing this novel under his own name:.

Während Almosenempfänger vom warmen Essen träumen, zelebrieren die Börsenmakler der Wall Street ihre Geschäftsabschlüsse mit üppigsten Gelagen..

While beggars dream of a warm meal, Wall Street stockbrokers celebrate their deals with the most extravagant banquets.. We are using the following form field to detect spammers. Please do leave them untouched. Otherwise your message will be regarded as spam. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that the vocabulary items in this list are only available in this browser.

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