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Expressguthaben ohne Schufa-Informationen - So funktioniert es. The newspaper aims to promote historical awareness, inform about current events and encourage critical thinking about German-American relationships. Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Dictionary of American Biography Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from Collier's Encyclopedia CS1: The paper's staff also expanded as it grew. It stayed in the Ridder family until , when it was sold to the Steuer family who changed from a daily newspaper to three times a week and finally a weekly.

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Kredite die sofort ausgezahlt werden. Auch wenn ein Kredit sofort ausgezahlt werden kann, gibt es vorher eine Prüfung der …. Kredit mit Sofortzusage ohne Schufa-Abfrage. The New Yorker Staats-Zeitung , nicknamed "The Staats" , claims to be the leading German-language weekly newspaper in the United States [1] and is one of the oldest, having been published since the mids.

Neumann subsequently purchased shares of the enterprise until, in the late s, he obtained a majority, after which the society was dissolved and he became sole owner. The first issue was published on December 24, The nascent newspaper consisted of four pages and was printed weekly using a Washington hand-press.

Initial circulation was small, limited by the capacity of the press impressions per day and by the size of the audience primarily German immigrants. At that time there were approximately 10, German-born citizens in New York City.

Growth during the first few years of the paper's existence was also impeded by the Financial Panic of , but by it was sufficiently successful to move to a location on Frankfort Street, a few blocks from City Hall.

Under Neumann's guidance, improvements to the physical plant were undertaken to support the growth that accompanied its increasing influence. In , on obtaining a single cylinder hand-operated press that could print sheets per hour, he converted the Staats-Zeitung to a tri-weekly publication. The paper's staff also expanded as it grew. Jacob Uhl, who may have been hired as a printer as early as ; [2] Jacob's wife Anna Uhl , who worked as a compositor, secretary, and business manager; [5] and Oswald Ottendorfer , who appears to have been hired in the counting room in In Jacob Uhl bought ownership and publishing rights from Neumann who, nonetheless, continued in an editorial capacity until Working together, Jacob and Anna Uhl increased both advertising patronage and circulation, enabling a shift to daily publication not long after the purchase.

The enhanced paper quickly outgrew both the press capabilities and the physical space of the printing office, and in Uhl purchased property specifically to house the Staats-Zeitung.

He installed the most rapid printing presses then available in a new building erected on the property for that purpose. When Jacob Uhl died in , Anna Uhl took over management of the newspaper. The paper continued to thrive, and by another expansion was required. Anna Uhl purchased property on what was then Chatham Street also known at that time as "Newspaper Row", now Park Row and had a suitable building erected. One of the first rotary type-revolving presses was installed, increasing the publishing capacity to 4, papers per hour.

In , Anna Uhl appointed Oswald Ottendorfer — who had gradually been contributing more assistance — as editor. In Anna Uhl and Oswald Ottendorfer were married, and continued to operate the paper together, with Oswald serving as editor and publisher while Anna functioned as business manager.

In another expansion was completed under the German-American architect J. William Schickel at 17 Chatham Street pictured below. Anna Ottendorfer continued as business manager until shortly before her death in when her son Edward Uhl [6] succeeded her. In , the property of the paper was changed into a stock company. It stayed in the Ridder family until , when it was sold to the Steuer family who changed from a daily newspaper to three times a week and finally a weekly. In , it was sold to Jes Rau.

From to , the German entertainer and comedian Herbert Feuerstein was editor-in-chief of the newspaper. The German-American businessmen who founded the New Yorker Staats-Zeitung in did so with a specific agenda in mind. Neumann's editorials took forceful and animated positions in support of the interests of German-American immigrants who sought to become full participants in the governance of their new home.