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I have seen the number of breweries in the UK consistently cited as 60 - 70, when in reality there are more than Style fashion I hope that these statistics provide an overview of the process of brewery concentration and the control of public houses, first through brewery ties, then through giant pub chain leases.

Sadly, the figures on beer production also illustrate the decline of Britains indigenous beer styles and the relentless growth of lager. It's frightening to see how quickly the change from a predominantly ale culture to a lager culture took place. In a generation, the 20 years form to , the proportion ale to lager changed from A disaster, in my opinion. Many aspects of traditional British beer are under threat.

Cask-conditioned ale is a thing to be treasured, along with Franconian Kellerbier or Düsseldorf Alt. If cask's share of the UK beer market declines much further, then we may have to worry about its survival as a mainstream pub product. Born to be mild These statistics also tell the sad story of mild.

It's rapid - and perhaps terminal - decline was as spectacular as lager's meteoric rise. I confess to being a mild lover. I'm one of those saddoes that drone on about need to preserve this ancient part of our beer culture. A beer brewed for centuries by British brewers. Kwak beer with its unusual glass and stand.

Hoegaarden Brewery wheat beer in its characteristic hexagonal glass. The majority of Belgian beer brands are sold in bottles. These days, Belgian beers are sold in brown- or sometimes dark green- tinted glass bottles to avoid negative effects of light on the beverage and sealed with a cork , a metal crown cap , or sometimes both. Some beers are bottle conditioned , meaning reseeded with yeast so that an additional fermentation may take place. Different bottle sizes exist: Other beers are generally bottled in 25 or 33 cl format depending on brands.

The bigger bottles 75 cl are sold almost in every food shop but customers do not always have an extensive choice.

Bottles larger than 75 cl are named following the terminology used for champagne and are limited in quantity. Although many major brands of beer are available at most supermarkets, off-licences located throughout the country generally offer a far wider selection, albeit at somewhat higher prices.

Aside from these, mostly bottled beer is exported across Europe. Some beer festivals outside Belgium have a Belgian beer bar as an alternative to local products.

In North America, a growing number of draught Belgian beer brands have started to become available, often at "Belgian Bars". Belgium has a number of beer festivals including:. A number of traditional Belgian dishes use beer as an ingredient.

One is Carbonade French: The beer used is typically the regional speciality — lambic in Brussels, De Koninck in Antwerp, and so on — so that the taste of the dish varies. Another is rabbit in gueuze. The varied nature of Belgian beers makes it possible to match them against each course of a meal, for instance:. It organizes beer festivals and an open breweries day. The Knighthood of the Mashstaff honours individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to brewing, and pays tribute to Gambrinus and Saint Arnold.

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Global number of craft breweries increases to 17,". S Belgian Label Service ". Retrieved 10 March Retrieved 15 June Regularly shared between practitioners, knowledge and skills are transmitted from masters to apprentices in breweries but also within families, in public spaces and through formal education.

Beer culture in Belgium contributes to the economic and social viability at local level and the constitution of the social identity and continuity of its bearers and practitioners, who promote responsible production and consumption. De brouwindustrie te Gent, — Handelingen der Maatschappij voor Geschiedenis en Oudheidkunde te Gent , , 7, — Unger 30 Mar Beer in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. University of Pennsylvania Press.

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